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On friending... My fics here are open to everyone; many others are posted on other Robin Hood comms. Comment on my fics and posts on other comms. Let's get to know each other! I'm not sure why you're friending me if you don't comment on my fics or we don't converse on other comms.

I really do try to make an effort to comment on fics I read and wish others would do the same, even if it's only to say, 'nice work'. I'll even take a 'you must be crazy' now & then. Is anyone out there reading? :)

I signed on to write and read Robin Hood fic after devouring series 1 & 2 dvds many, many months after they'd aired in the UK & US. Started off with the need to write one little story (if you call multi-chapter little). I am thoroughly addicted to RH now even after episode 2x13 and the series 3 debacle.

darkentwisted invited me to be co-mod of rh_lost_scenes and treatallanright. I'm also a mod on rh_denile. I cannot ever imagine why...

darkentwisted is also completely responsible for the gorgeous banner gracing my LJ. *hugs Willie*

Lastly, I created and currently maintain the humongous Robin Hood Fic Index over on delicious: http://delicious.com/robinhoodFICLJ. I've recently (Jan. 2011) become co-mod on rh_archive. Hope you find them useful!

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