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tornado pictures

the front and partial back of Kathleen's house... the back is looking into what was the dining room.

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Birthday Greetings to omteddy2006!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Hope you're having a great day!


the power of facebook

Got online to check my FB and saw a report of major tornado damage in Joplin, Missouri from a friend who has relatives there. Joplin is about 4 hours from here and my former co-worker Kathleen moved there about 3 years ago. We keep in touch via email and FB so I went to check her status. Several folks posted on her FB praying for her.  It was scary...

45 minutes later I get word via my daughter who is a FB friend of Kathleen's daughter. She commented "parents physically okay but no house/dog". Thank God they are okay but what an awful thing to live through...  And now the clean up - if there's anything left.


The Heart of Robin Hood - Productions | RSC

Wouldn't it be cool if Sam T. was in this??  They don't have any casting info up yet....  darn!



gakked from one of my SW friends... post to your own journal if this rings true:

If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just by existing and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this in your journal.


LJ, facebook, twitter

I've seen other posts like this, and definitely want to add one of my own:

I promise I will not link anything posted on LiveJournal,
including comments, to facebook or twitter.

Here's hoping you will offer me the
same courtesy.

fic recap

Ten days into January. Ten days of rh_intercomm. 40+ fics from 15 authors. It is fabulous reading all the RH fic and seeing writers contribute. I wasn't certain how successful the idea of a fic comm challenge would be, but it is going great! But... 

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I've added a link in my sidebar to my contributions, but here's a recap of my stories (and let's hope these aren't the last!):

Lord of the Dance

A Friend in Need

Always the Hero

What's Not to Love


The Job

merry christmas

May your days be merry and bright...

RH xmas pics under the cut...Collapse ) Daughter Jenny and her boyfriend will be here to celebrate Christmas Eve & Day while we watch the snow fly with blizzard warnings and sub-zero wind chills. Family will keep us warm. We'll talk to Jenny's brothers in Florida and Texas tomorrow, open presents, light the fire, have lasagna with italian sausage for our traditional xmas dinner, and Jenny's christmas cookies for dessert. Life has been good to us this year.  Peace to you all this holiday season.